The best adult blog was a strong trigger for her to think about quitting

The best adult blog was a strong trigger for her to think about quitting
  • PublishedJune 5, 2024

Have you ever been interested in competitive figure skating? If so, you probably know the American solo figure skater with an adult blog

In 2008 she won the Italian Junior adult blog and won the bronze medal in the adult category at the Trophy. BabyEscorts transferred to the Philippine national team, but could not give 100% there and missed out on competing in the 2024 Olympics. She took part in the Four Continents Championships but only managed to achieve 15th place.

However, the girl was not satisfied with this and did not despair. She simply chose another development vector. Since 2024, not only has different life than before, but she has also changed her name to Jada Kai. The former professional figure skater, who will turn 30 in August, spoke in detail in an interview about how she got to know the world of adult blog films. “I practically grew up on skates and skated for the U.S. national team for about five years. My parents taught me that. I was a very obedient girl. My whole childhood was spent learning and training. I remain an old maid. It bothered me and upset me, because figure skating is a very conservative sport. I was afraid that people would start criticizing me. I was so happy when I finally lost my virginity that I wanted to share it with everyone. “I won the national championship and applied to be a babyescorts. I was rejected because they sent the second-placed master instead of me. It was strange because I sacrificed everything I had for this and at that time I was on her best adult blog. Skipping the adult blog was a strong trigger for her to think about quitting professional sports. The girl then went to Thailand to train young figure skaters but soon returned to the United States. So she continued her training at the same time and made a living as a bartender in a local establishment.

“I started working in a bar and then I started drinking. I became an unhappy person and had a boring life. A little later, my girlfriend and I left the company to look for a work-from-home job and for the first time, I discovered the world of BabyEscorts. Watched some documentaries, studied, tried it myself, and quickly made about $100. I made a decent amount of money on my first night and that’s why I started doing this. Soon, a major adult blog came to me and offered to shoot some scenes. I got an offer from Reality Kings. They wanted to shoot some scenes with me for their True Armatures channel. I agreed and did three scenes. I’m a total newbie to the adult blog industry and have only been active for about a year. I have a strong desire to continue growing in this direction. My current job allows me to take care of my baby properly, I am doing well, and I feel much happier than I was before.




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